Eyes and Brain in the Group

I recently attended a Social Thinking © Conference in Long Beach. It was one of the few conferences I have attended where I found myself writing notes on the sides of ideas and treatment strategies I could use the next day. One of the ideas I used right away was using concrete and visual cues to keep my little ones’ “brains and eyes” in the group.

We notice when somebody’s is in the group and their brain is paying attention and their eyes are looking at the activities/ materials. We think that person is doing a really good job participating in the group. We also notice when somebody’s body is in the group, but is does not appear like their brain and eyes are part of the group. It does not appear that their brain is thinking about the same thing as the group. We say, “Your brain and eyes are not a part of the group”.

I found my clients didn’t seem to truly “get” the concept of keeping their brains and eyes in the group. So I bought a rubber brain and an “eyes chip clip.” Now, when I see my client’s brain or eyes wandering, I actually roll the brain or eyes off the table and say “Uh oh! I think you brain just rolled away. Lets bring it back so it can be a part of the group.” Or “I see your eyes are not looking at the game. They are looking at the toy on the shelf. But the group is playing the game together. Let’s bring your eyes back to the game so they are a part of the group.”

It is such as simple and easy idea. But I was surprised because it was such a hit with all my clients. They loved the rainbow colored brain and plastic eyes. Now, when they see the brain rolling off the table, they will instantly shout out, “I’m bringing my brain back!” Or “My brain is back in the group.”

The brain and the eyes can be purchased on Amazon: Brain + Eyes

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