What are some treatment techniques used for children on the autism spectrum?

We are proud to offer a multitude of therapy programs and techniques such as PECS, P.R.O.M.P.T., and Listening with the Whole Body for children on the autism spectrum. Our programs and lesson plans are individualized for each child. Following the initial consultation, a broad treatment plan is discussed as a team that includes the parents and caregivers. In addition, detailed goals and objectives are also delineated. A unique lesson plan is prepared for each child for every session. Detailed session notes and data collection is an integral part of therapy. Since each session is individualized for the child’s unique needs, the goals and objectives are not permanent and can be revised as the child’s skills and needs change. Since social skills or pragmatic language deficits are often present in children on the spectrum, we offer a wide variety of programs to target these as well.