Monster Expected and Monster Unexpected

This idea was inspired by the “Tattle Monster” by Giggles Galore . They had used a tissue box to create a monster to take care of all the tattles in the house. And while I think it is an adorable idea, I wondered if I could use it to teach, “expected” and “unexpected” behaviors.

So, Mister (or should I say Monster) Expected and Monster Unexpected were born. The initial goal was for the little ones to sort pictures of “expected” and “unexpected” behaviors and feed them to the appropriate monster. But I realized it would be fun for older children to have the monsters in their classrooms or homes and write down “expected” and “unexpected” behaviors during the day and feed them to the monster. What fun it would be to read them aloud at the end of each day!

I covered old tissue boxes with red paper for Monster Unexpected and green paper for Monster Expected. I also cut out the teeth with white foam and taped it to the inside of the box, glue on the eyes and the monsters are ready to go.

Monster Activity

Monster ActivityMonster Activity

I decorated my monster with stickers to make it fun and colorful. I also found pictures demonstrating “expected” and “unexpected” behaviors and glued them to Popsicle sticks. The students then took turns describing the behaviors and stating whether they were “expected” or “unexpected.” The Popsicle sticks were then “fed” to the appropriate monster.

You can download the images I used on the Popsicle sticks here.